BitCoinage Is A New Hybrid Area That Makes It Easier For Novices To Enter Cryptocurrency


BitCoinage will create a whole new sector in cryptocurrency. One that exists between the centralized banking system and the decentralized world of cryptocurrency. A hybrid area where people who are new to cryptocurrency can have peace of mind while enjoying the additional earning potential of cryptocurrency.
We will also create the first exchange that can trade across other exchanges using something called Arbitrage Trading.

bitcoinage is-

Comprised of 3 Independent Companies

1. The First Ever Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Exchange
Whether it be verification issues, regional locks, or language barriers that bar traders from entering certain markets, BitCoinage will dissolve those barriers to entry.
Crowdfund begins March 2018

2. A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Educational Portal

Reliable, unbiased information on the world of cryptocurrency. Spotlights on successful investment strategies, advice on building portfolios, cryptocurrency storage protocols, crowdfunding reviews and more offered in one place.

3. A Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Insurance Company

BitCoinage aims to give our customers peace of mind by providing insurance on their Cryptocurrency holdings. - We plan on ensuring our clients account from hacking and other evils, whether their assets are in hot or cold storage.
You control the private keys, you have the power. We’re here to make sure it stays that way.

Phase #1 Our Arbitrage Exchange:

- The first phase of our plan will be to conduct crowdfunding with the goal of raising 17,500 eth for the building and initial running of our Cryptocurrency Exchange. find out more about our crowdfunding

- BitCoinage will be the first exchange to do Arbitrage Trading i.e. trading worldwide across other exchanges.

- The BitCoinage Exchange will be the first exchange built from the ground up for non-tech people. We promise to always put customer service first.

arbitrage trading

Potentially make more Money on your trades

Arbitrage – In traditional markets arbitrage exists because of market inefficiencies and the opportunity is often eliminated in a matter of seconds but in Cryptocurrency, arbitrage can exist for a very long time. Our bots create an entry each time someone is trading Bitcoin at a high price until a pattern is established on those exchanges where arbitrage is practiced most frequently. Our bots can then be programmed to automatically execute trades at that average higher price.

Dynamic API Use

- Dynamic APIs enable consistent trades with a wide range of exchanges.

Machine Learning

- Our arbitrage-finding bot that learns how you trade in order to highlight the most profitable path.

Atomic Swaps

- Atomic Swaps mitigate transfer fees and make trades across currencies. This is future of currency transfers.

Enterprise Blockchain

- Decentralized storage for centralized data. This is our way of keeping company assets secure.

your in control of the fees

A New Kind of Exchange

Make More on Trades

BitCoinage is the first Arbitrage trading exchange. Exchanges regularly set the price for Cryptocurrency at different levels. Now you can take advantage of that inconsistency by trading between exchanges.

Pay Little to No Fees

You choose how you trade and what fees if any, you pay. BitCoinage is offering No Fee trades for set times of the day that you choose. Or if trading all day is your forte then trade using our already low fees.

Customers before Profits

Customer Service First. Just imagine an exchange that operates more like a customer service company. While you trade you deserve the best support and BitCoinage will provide that.

You can be sure your account is secure and your funds are safe.
Our finely tuned mobile apps will allow you to trade on the go.
Our Crowdfunding campaign will be coming soon.
You decide what fee plan works best for you. Pay our low fees or no fees.
Potentially make more money on your trades.
Our professional support team will assist you with any questions regarding your trades.

Want to Know More About Our Crowdfunding?

Customer Service First

an exchange for PEOPLE not just profit.

Customer Service first. We'll even call you back.

An exchange that operates more like a customer service company


bitcoinage X

Bitcoinage X

The Arbitrage Utility Token

XBCN will grant access to and be the key driver of all of the services we provide.

Built on top of the most reputable and innovative decentralized blockchain in existence, the Ethereum Blockchain. XBCN can be stored on all ERC-20 compatible wallets such as Myetherwallet, Trezor or The Ledger Wallet.

Phase #2 Our Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Educational Portal:

-A multi-functioning portal that will act as a one-stop location for financial knowledge (ie. Investopedia for Crypto) and advice (ie. Crypto portfolio advisers) for new and seasoned Cryptocurrency traders.

- An attractive and user-friendly interface to present analytics.

- Features live customer service, highlights of brokers, and trackers for their various portfolios.

- Information shared by influential people and successful entrepreneurs in the Cryptocurrency sector.

Phase #3 Our Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Insurance Company:

Gone are the days of password recovery hypnosis

BitCoinage believes one of the things that has to be done in order to provide easier access to cryptocurrencies for greater numbers of people is to plug the security gap. The biggest threats to security in cryptocurrencies are:

- Hacking and/or stolen storage devices
- Forgotten passwords or PINs and
- Damage done to storage devices/media

Homeowner policies are already starting to state if your home burns down they will not be responsible for any crypto you may lose. People must be made to feel much more secure in our space.

We at BitCoinage cannot stop any of these things from happening but we can insure you when they do. BitCoinage will be the first company to offer individuals (not just exchanges) insurance on their holdings.
Never has a company insured individual holdings for both hot and cold storage. We intend to be the first company to insure against hacking, stolen or lost storage devices and forgotten passwords or PINs.

How can BitCoinage do this?

1. BitCoinage will create an affordable multi-level pricing program to best meet the need of our clients based upon the amount of crypto they expect to insure. Our initial programs will insure against hacking up to $500,000.

2. BitCoinage will secure the services of several security professionals in an effort to establish clearly defined safety/security guidelines. These guidelines will instruct our customers on how to best avoid the most common cryptocurrency security pitfalls.

3. We will have a structure in place to house people's passwords and PINs for later retrieval should they choose to take advantage of that service. Clients may also hold their own passwords according to our predefined guidelines.


Alan Anderson
Author of several products used in “White House Communications” during the Reagan administration.

Macy*s: Certified Oracle DBA/ITIL v3 Certified Manager Oracle/Teradata/E-Business/Certified Enterprise Data Architect
IBM Global Services I/T Architect (North American Certification Board) / Oracle & DB2 DBA
Systems Engineering Manager IBM Corporation
Director, Applications and Systems Development Fulton County, Georgia


Our Team

Greg Lampkin
Principal Visionary, Founder

Greg Lampkin is a successful interface designer, art director and creative director. Throughout his 30-year career Mr. Lampkin has always sought to make software, apps and technology in general more excisable to society through graphic media.

He currently serves as an art director/interface designer for Monster Products, the top audio products company in the world.
His work has been featured in products by Microsoft, Sega Genesis, Aol, Novartis, Burger King and Univision and has earned him three Emmy awards in broadcast design and one Emmy nomination for broadcast animation.

With such a rich history of accomplishments and a passion for blockchain technology, Mr. Lampkin is an ideal candidate to make Cryptocurrency accessibility to the masses.

Kevin Ellis
Chief Technology Officer, Lead Developer

Kevin Ellis possesses the perfect set of skills necessary for building the most advanced Cryptocurrency exchange to date. His knowledge is backed by nearly three decades of experience in the tech sector and two decades in the financial sector.
Implemented the solution for real-time forex feeds from Reuters to Rabo Bank in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Created a system for support and documentation exchange at La Salle Bank in Chicago, IL.
Worked for London Northern Bank in creating the medium through which all European treasury transactions were handled, as well as the global forex exchange trading systems there.
Built and certified Department of Defense 5015.2 records management system.
Ellis earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 1983 and then a Master’s degree in the same field in 1989. He’s studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as Northwestern University. He holds certifications in Business Administration from the University of Warwick Coventry in England, is a SAP Hana Application Ass., and a SAP Basis Administrator.
Ellis comfortably leads the BitCoinage development team with his complete understanding of data modeling and integration and rich history of innovation and wealth of accomplishments. He provides valuable financial and technological insights into a project based on comparatively-infantile blockchain technology.

Alex Mack

Alex Mack has over 10 years of experience in the accounting industry. The internal workings of financial advisory, accounts receivable, and management reporting feels like home to her. Alex intends to use her skills and her understandings of the books to ensure a correctly calibrated and clutter free financial state for BitCoinage.

Josue Gonzales
Community Head

Graduating with his Master’s Degree from Indiana University, Josue has a strong background in entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing. As community head, he develops and coordinates various platforms designed to promote the organization and its services to the community and the target population. Josue promotes the latest developments and services through various forms of media.

Kyle Lampkin
VP of Business Development and Financing

Kyle Lampkin is an active entrepreneur on the axis of logistics and technology. As the co-founder of a successful mobile on-demand application, he is more than at home in the operation of a startup. While at the University of Florida working on his Masters of International Business, Kyle could often be found quizzing his professors on the emerging field of crypto economics. He is a firm believer in the immense potential of blockchain technologies, yet he also understands the complicated nature of the new sector.

Michael Behfar
Front-end Development

Michael Behfar holds a degree in Advertising, Public Relations, Writing and Rhetoric from the University of Central Florida. His portfolio includes a wide array of skills and accomplishments, all with a strong focus on tech. This portfolio includes U.I. development for mobile applications, ad campaign management, public relations writing, graphic design, web design, and social media marketing. His current goal, however, is to establish BitCoinage as the most attractive and user-friendly Cryptocurrency exchange.

Daniel Mouyal
YouTube Specialist, Community - “Networking”

Daniel Mouyal is a marketing professional with an obsession for social media. He has helped create and promote the social media presence of many projects ranging from multi-million dollar outreach programs, automotive rallies, and even successful hip-hop artists. He is an active member of the crypto community and intends to apply his skills in the marketing realm to create a chic and consistent image for BitCoinage.

Evan Gruda
Software Developer

Evan Gruda is a word class software developer. His love for cryptocurenncy was born out of his undergraduate research in both Computer Engineering and Mathematics, from Hong Kong's University of Science and Technology as well as at the University of Florida. His passions also led him to work in Israel's silicon valley while he began his journey into the field of machine learning.

Lynn Gonzales

As a marketing professional with over 7 years of experience, Lynn's main area of expertise is in marketing automation where she creates and measures marketing campaigns as well as time and cost saving strategies. Additionally, by utilizing market research questionnaires she gains valuable insights to target appropriate demographics. She has a passion for Cryptocurrency, learning, and problem-solving that will reflect in the marketing success of BitCoinage.

Janice Fredenburg

Janice Fredenburg is a rising Human Resources professional with over 10 years of combined human resources and executive administration experience. Her experience ranges from work in real estate development, tech startups, child entertainment, working in advertisement where she supported a region of over 4,500 employees. She has extensive experience in strategic human resources planning and organizational change. Her strong suits include overseeing human resources infrastructure, benefits and compensation, recruiting, performance management, counseling, training, and organizational development.

Ludie Ponce
Legal Assistant

Ludie is a highly qualified legal professional with an educational background in global affairs and political science and , possessing an M.A. in Global Governance and a B.A. in Political Science from Florida International University. She posses over six years of litigation experience as a legal assistant. She brings with her management and team building experience.
Additionally, she is a crypto enthusiast who's excited about the new market and it's possible measurable social, economical and governmental implications in the global marketplace.
Marie St. Juste
Administrative Assistant

Marie St. Juste has over 12 years of experience in customer relations and administrative overhead. She is passionate about the customer experience and is excited to tackle the growing issue of customer service in the Crypto community.

Road Map

BitCoinage Company Rollout

Q1 2018

Website Live

Q2 2018

Crowdsale for Cryptocurrency Exchange
Working Prototype Completed

Q3 2018

First ever Arbitrage Exchange Launch

Q3 2018

Crowdsale for Cryptocurrency Educational Portal

Q4 2018

Cryptocurrency Educational Portal Launch

Q1 2019

Crowdsale and VC funding for Cryptocurrency Insurance Company

Q2 2019

Cryptocurrency Insurance Company Launch