To A New Sector In Cryptocurrency!

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"BitCoinage will create a whole new sector in cryptocurrency. One which offers the user-friendliness of the banking system alongside the freedom and innovation of the blockchain."


The First Ever Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Exchange

Whether it be verification issues, regional locks, or language barriers that bar traders from entering certain markets, BitCoinage will dissolve those barriers to entry.

A Comprehensive
Educational Portal

Reliable, unbiased information on the world of cryptocurrency. Successful investment strategies, advice on building portfolios, cryptocurrency storage protocols, ICO reviews and more offered in one place.

A Groundbreaking Crypto-Insurance Company

BitCoinage will insure client accounts from hacking and other evils, whether their assets are in hot or cold storage. You control the private keys, you have the power. We’re here to make sure it stays that way.


Decentralization, data encryption, and a custom enterprise blockchain to keep your finances where they belong. In your wallet.
Native mobile applications that allow you to send, receive and manage finances from the palm of your hand.
Simple and refined. Cryptocurrency doesn't have to be any more complicated than the money in your own bank account.
You wouldn't tolerate "average" customer service from your local bank. You can hold us to that same standard.
Trade across exchanges world wide, profit off of price gaps and help stabilize the crypto-economy.
Bitcoinage does not profit off of your trades, pay only the fees of the networks you're trading between.


Dynamic API Use

Agreements that allow instant trades with exchanges across the world.

Machine Learning

Our platform automatically analyzes trade data in real-time to signal arbitrage opportunities before the gap closes.

Atomic Swaps

Atomic Swaps mitigate transfer fees and slow exchange times. This is the future of currency transfers.

Enterprise Blockchain

Decentralized storage for centralized data. This is our way of keeping company assets secure.



Customer Service first. We will even call you back.

An exchange that operates more like a customer service company.

We are always ready to take your call with one goal in help you navigate the sometime confusing world of cryptocurrency.

The BitCoinage Exchange will be the first exchange built from the ground up for non-tech people. We promise to always put customer service first.



XBCN will grant access to and be the key driver of all of the services we provide.

Built on top of the most reputable and innovative decentralized blockchain in existence, the Ethereum Blockchain. XBCN can be stored on all ERC-20 compatible wallets such as Myetherwallet, Trezor or The Ledger Wallet.

eXBCN is Bitcoinage’s fundraising token. Purchasing eXBCN at a discounted rate will entitle the owner to future shares of Bitcoinage’s utility token, XBCN, which will be used to carry out services within the platform.

Purchase EXBCN


Lampkin is a Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur and User Interface Designer. Mr. Lampkin’s career spans over 30 years as a Creative Director and Art Director in the entertainment and software fields. He’s done work for Microsoft, Sega Genesis, McDonald's, AOL, Novartis, Burger King and Univision.

Greg Lampkin
Principal Visionary, Founder

Entrepreneur and Blockchain engineer with hands on experience in Ethereum, Hyperledger, Nem & EOS. Blockchain as a technology has enormous potential to ensure transparency, reduce costs, so it can help the initiatives solving real problem, but there’s no value in using it just for the sake of being innovative, So I help businesses to understand blockchain’s place.

Gopal Haris
Systems Engineer

Alan Anderson has been an innovator for decades. He spent four years as a managing systems engineer at IBM, and 18 years as an I/T instructor at Gwinnett Technical College. He holds a degree in computer science from Morehouse college and is the author of several products used in Whitehouse communications during the Reagan administration. He is currently a key advisor to the development team responsible for BitCoinage’s complex enterprise blockchain for secure data storage.

Alan Anderson
Chief Security Advisor

Graduating with his Master’s Degree from Indiana University, Josue has a strong background in entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing. As community head of BitCoinage, he develops and coordinates various platforms designed to promote the organization and its services to the community and the target population.

Josue Gonzales
Community Head

Alex Mack has over 10 years of experience in the accounting industry. The internal workings of financial advisory, accounts receivable, and management reporting feels like home to her. Alex intends to use her skills and her understandings of the books to ensure a correctly calibrated and clutter free financial state for BitCoinage.

Alex Mack

As the cofounder of a successful mobile on-demand application, Kyle is more than at home in the operation of a startup. While at the University of Florida working on his Masters of International Business, Kyle could often be found quizzing his professors on the emerging field of crypto economics. Kyle is a firm believer in the immense potential of blockchain technologies, yet he also understands the nature of the new sector.

Kyle Lampkin
VP of Business Development and Financing

Michael Behfar holds a degree in Advertising, Public Relations, Writing and Rhetoric from the University of Central Florida. His portfolio includes a wide array of skills and accomplishments, all with a strong focus on tech. This portfolio includes U.I. development for mobile applications, ad campaign management, public relations writing, graphic design, web design, and social media marketing. His current goal, however, is to establish BitCoinage as the most attractive and user-friendly Cryptocurrency exchange.

Michael Behfar
Lead UX/UI Engineer

Co-founder at Aequalis Software Solutions Ltd , I have 10 years of experience with cutting-edge technologies, in the IT industry. CRM, Android, Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Java, and Semantic web, to mention a few.

Anand Raj
Backend Developer

Machine Learning and Sensing Laboratory under Dr. Alina Zare.Designed and built a server monitoring system through Zabbix .Conducted quality analysis test on new product features and servers.

Evan Gruda
Data Architect

My name is Danny Mouyal, founder of Devised Marketing. I'm looking to establish a name for every company I work with and increase their sales and brand awareness. I have a background in social media marketing, business consulting, and have a knack for getting anything I want to accomplished.

Daniel Mouyal
Social Media Manager

Marketing professional with over 9 years of experience in a variety of roles and industries including: E-mail Marketing, Market Research, CRM Management and Marketing Automation. By using various tools such as Salesforce Process Builders, HubSpot Workflows, Zapier and Autopilot, implementing targeted campaigns and cost saving strategies is part of the everyday process.

Lynn Gonzales

A Human Resources Business Partner with over 10 years of combined human resources and executive administration experience. Progressive experience in strategic human resources planning and managing organizational change. A leader who can oversee human resources infrastructure to include Performance Management, Employee Relations, Counseling, Training, Merit and Bonus programs, Benefits and Compensation.

Janice Fredenburg
Human Resources

I have over six years of litigation experience as a legal assistant. In my current position, I am the legal assistant to the lead Principal insurance defense attorney, assisting in the management of a team of eighteen attorneys and seven assistants. Additionally, I am a crypto enthusiast who's excited about the new market and it's possible measurable social, economical and governmental implications in the global marketplace.

Ludie Ponce
Legal Assistant

Marie St. Juste has over 12 years of experience in customer relations and administrative overhead. She is passionate about the customer experience and is excited to tackle the growing issue of customer service in the Crypto community.

Marie St. Juste
Administrative Assistant

Road Map


Q3 2018

Website Live

Q4 2018

Crowdsale for Cryptocurrency Exchange

Q1 2019

Working Prototype Completed

Q2 2019

First Ever Arbitrage Exchange Launch

Q3 2019

Second Generation of BitCoinage Exchange

Q4 2019

Crowdsale for Cryptocurrency Education Portal

Q1 2020

Cryptocurrency Educational Portal Launch

Q2 2020

Crowd and VC Funding for Cryptocurrency Insurance Company

Q3 2020

Cryptocurrency Insurance Company Launch